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The Darwin Awards

If you’re looking for a funny & easy read, you can’t let this book pass. The Darwin Awards is a collection of stories of people’s stupidity that leads to their own demise. If you like non-fiction these books are a laugh  a minute and a must read.

Lucas R

Artemis Fowl The Arctic Incident

This book is the Second book in the Artemis Fowl series. I have made a review on the first book so if you have not seen that you can see it by searching my user name. In this book artemis finds out that his father is alive and is a hostage to the Russian mafia. Artemis askes the Fairy population to help them but they have problems of their own. A goblin gang group led by a very smart fairy has made the fairy polices weapons useless. So Artemis Is going to help them in return, They have to help him get his father back. i rate this book 9/10

a great sequel to the first book.


artemis fowl- first book-

This book is great. It has all the elements of a book that a 14-year old boy would read. it is funny,witty and a 14year old genius outsmarting adults. This book is all about how Artemis finds out about a whole new species living in the centre of the world. He then finds out  how they have magic powers to convince humans to do watever they like or heal themselves or others. When the magic runs out they have to plant an oak tree seed into the ground near a river to replenish their powers. Artemis finds this out and kidnaps one in the middle of it’s ritual and holds her ransom. i’m not going to break the story so if you want to find out more READ IT!

from-blueblobproductions- Artemis fowl first book 9.5/10

Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver

This is the first book of a great series.The introduction gets you in- it isn’t a very long book. It’s very interesting to read since starting from the first page of the book you’ve already been sucked into the world that the author has created.