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the knife of never letting go


this is about a boy [Todd] and a girl [viola] who are on their own in and are being chased by an evil mysterious town where everyone reads eachothers thoughts. he grew up there to fing out that the town had been lying to him about everything. it is a fast paced book but it is very long. the ending of the book is unexpected and well written. it can get confusing at times but in the end it all makes sense. it is a good way to start the series.

Doug M

Red Dragon (1st Hannibal Novel)

When you hear this title, you may think this book is some kung-fu or fantasy rubbish, but it couldn’t be much more different. Many people may not know, but Red Dragon was the book that introduced one of the most well known psychopath in fiction today. His name is Hannibal Lector. Hannibal Lector is probably known best in “The Silence of The Lambs” the second book of the trilogy. Red Dragon is a thriller/crime novel in which an investigator inlists the help of Hannibal to catch a serial killer before he strikes again. Although Hannibal is insane, he acts as an insight into the mind of a serial killer. Must read for all horror fans but not for the easily frightened. 5 Stars

Lucas R

Black Out by Sam Mills

Black out is a fast and thrilling book for the younger readers. Mills never lets the tension drop, skilfully weaving into flashbacks which build up a picture of a deeply disturbed boy. Abook thats is timely and sensitive in it’s exploration of the forces. Sam mills is on the run from the police as they think he is a terrorist. Great read.

by Edward A

Hover Car Racer by Matthew Reilly

This book was written as a one off by Mathew Reilly, is is not a part of his main series. This is about a boy named Jason Chaser, and his brother, who is known as the ‘Bug’ who do something called hover car racing. This is a sort of futeristic car racing sport, where cars that do not have wheels, and hover just above the ground and travel at huge speeds. Jason, the Bug and their car the Argonaut number 55, are racing in a gate race. Even thought their car is damaged, Jason continues to drive. Even though they come last, JAson and Bug catch the eye of Scott Syracuse, and famous hover car racer that teaches at the International Race school in tasmania. Eventhough Jason is up against cheating racers with much better cars, he fights and fights and parctices and parctices, and wins the competiton at the race school. He then races for the proffessional race teams, and he wins there as well. He is Jason Chaser - Hover car racer.

This book is fantastic and it is a book that I picked up and couldn’t put it down. Typical Matthew Reilly Brilliant!

Rating - 9/10


Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman

This book is written by Austin Grossman, and is set in a modern world with superheroes, but gives a more realistic view of the lives and motivations of superheroes and supervillians. the story is told through the eyes of Dr Impossible, a supervillian blessed with amazing intelligence and superhuman strength, and Fatale, an ex-millitary woman that was hit by a truck and underwent major surgery which has left her to become a cyborg with the next generation of warfare. the book alternates from these two point of views, and the title comes from Dr Impossibles goal, to become invincible. this book has a range of characters, from the new champions, which is a whole new group of superheroes inicluding characters from a half-tiger half-man to a soldier fairy, banished from her world. the supervillians don’t play such a major role, except for Dr Impossible and Lily, a genetically modified woman from the future, come back to the past to stop the drop of population. the book is amazingly interesting and gives a really different view on the original superhero genre.


The Simple Gift by Stephen Herrick

What a book, a skinny book, a book given to me by Ms boyd, i never thought id see the day, i would read a verse noval, The Simple Gift it shocked me, intrested me, i honestly couldnt put this book down, i highly recomend, it was about people and friendships and thats what I like in book.

by Henry R

Mister Monday by Garth Nix

Mister monday is about a 12 year old boy, whose name is Arthur Penhaligon. Arthur is slowly dying of ashma when Monday appears and give Arthur a strange clock hand key. Monday is furious when he finds out that he was tricked and the boy was going to live. Arthur then finds out that he is the rightful heir of the architect, and that he is meant to get the 7 keys from the 7 morrow days. (Monsay being the first) This book is one that makes more sense when read the second time.

by HoodL

The Darwin Awards

If you’re looking for a funny & easy read, you can’t let this book pass. The Darwin Awards is a collection of stories of people’s stupidity that leads to their own demise. If you like non-fiction these books are a laugh  a minute and a must read.

Lucas R

The boy in the striped pyjamas by John Boyne

I have only a few chapters of this book but i am already finding myself loving the plot.

this book is fantastic i cannot put it down once i’ve picked it up. it shows the courage of a young boy name bruno.

Tom K

The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy by Douglas Adams

This was the first novel written by Douglas Adams in the Hitchhiker’s series. It was one of the first sci-fi/humour novels ever written and one of the first to make the mix work effectively. The storyline is interesting as it takes normal conceptions about life and space and makes fun of them; parodies serious subjects. However, what makes the humour so effective is that it is not offensive and is mainly just practical jokes. The characters are surprisingly developed for this sort of genre and it is satisfying without being too serious. The ending is good as it effectively closes off the story while setting the storyline up for more books, as Douglas Adams did.

All in all, I would want other people to read this book, as it is suitable for almost all ages, is incredibly entertaining and would make almost anyone who read it a fan of the francise.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Tom B