The Portal, Scotch College, Melbourne, Australia

Barry Heard writes to Scotch boys

Hello boys. Looking forward to coming to Scotch. Firstly, what is happening in my life?

 1. My book, “Well Done, Those Men” is being made into a film. Yes, looking at roughly 12 months. Big names, great film team and a lot of support. For details check out the video on this page.

I am going to approach the headmaster about the possibility of having some student participation in the film, or maybe - a visit to the filming site. Will keep you informed.


I have asked the library to print out the film brochure as well. Hugo Weaving playing me - yep - sadly, my Vietnam Veteran mates believe he is too handsome to play me!


I am going to include part of a short story on my next post. It’s about a beautiful dog, a sheepdog I was given on a farm when I was 17 years old. The story won two short story awards. When I come to Scotch, I will bring some slides showing him riding on a rocker and on my push bike. I will present the story over the separate posts.

If there is any interest, I will post several others over the weeks - all award winning stories. Hopefully it will give you some motivation, ideas, incentive, whatever - just write - it’ a great hobby, past time and for me - my best private loving friend.

Let me explain - briefly.


You should write every day. Sure Barry but what?

A brief diary of your day. Anything funny or serious. A highlight.

Then, start a journal. Write about yourself, get personal. Have you experienced something you only want to share with yourself? Like bullying, a family issue, a girlfriend, a career choice, an incident you witnessed or were a part of or saw that you want to express an opinion about, but not sure how to do this? It may have been in the classroom or playground. Remember, you are human, you form opinions, you take sides.

However, here is the big bonus if you write.

You can read what you have written several times. Mull over what you have written and then decide the next step. The end result is you will mature, wise up or simply let it be. Initially, you will struggle to write. But give it a go for say a week and then reflect…remember to create a password and secure the document.







Jamima Jonez

Jamima has been recording and performing hip-hop music for 11 years, and it the owner of Tetris Studios, Rubix Venue and The Phoenix Institute of Street Entrepreneurialism. She was homeless at 14, spending years living on the streets of Sydney, but has risen to become a self-made professional leader of Melbourne’s music industry with a passion for nurturing creative talent and paving positive pathways for struggling youth.

Nick McKenzie and Richard Baker

Nick McKenzie and Richard Baker are multi-award winning investigative journalists. Between them they have broken major stories on terrorist financing, abuse in immigration detention centres, the links between senior European Al Qaeda figures and extremist networks in Melbourne and Sydney, the misconduct of one of Australia’s leading surgeons, organised crime in the horse racing industry, BHP Billiton’s link to the AWB Iraqi kickbacks scandal and China’s secret bid to buy uranium mines in Australia.

In 2011 Nick and Richard won the Walkley Award, Australia’s highest journalism honour, for their expose of alleged bribery and corruption involving two firms owned by the Reserve Bank of Australia. They also won the George Munster prize for independent journalism for this story.

Currently Nick and Richard are two of the four journalists that head up The Age’s investigative unit, committed to digging beneath the daily chatter of news to uncover significant state, national and international stories.

Vanessa O’ Neill

Vanessa is a talented Shakespearean actor who trained at the Drama Centre in London. In the UK she was in touring productions of ‘Macbeth’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ for the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival. In Australia, she has worked for Bell Shakespeare and The Australian Shakespeare Company. Vanessa has been awarded an International Actors’ Fellowship at Shakespeare’s Globe that will take place in September 2013.

Scot Gardner

Scot Gardner likes long walks on the beach and romantic dinners. He’s also qualified to handle venomous snakes and explosives. He once blew up a snake during a romantic dinner on the beach. It was an inflatable snake. It kept the seagulls away. Romantic, huh? He occasionally writes books.

Scot’s books include many Scotch readers’ favourites such as Burning Eddy, The Legend of Kevin the Plumber, One Dead Seagull and most recently his funny, moving and macabre recent release about an apprentice funeral director, The Dead I Know.

Rob Hamill

Rob’s impressive rowing achievements include World Championship silver, Commonwealth gold and a world record on the indoor rowing machine. His book The Naked Rower describes how he and Phil Stubbs captured headlines around the world winning the gruelling and inaugural Atlantic Rowing Race in 41 days. He successfully defended the title in 2001 and 2003 and helped the 2005 entry that withdrew after a shark attack and boat capsize.

Rob is also the author and narrator-protagonist of the award winning documentary Brother Number One, which recounts the story of his return to Cambodia to retrace the steps of his brother Kerry, tortured and murdered by the Khmer Rouge in 1978.

Oslo Davis

Oslo Davis is an illustrator and cartoonist who has drawn for various publications worldwide, including the New York Times, Meanjin, The Age, Readings Monthly, BusinessWeek, The Big Issue, Desktop Magazine, Australian Book Review and Art Galler y Guide. In 2011 Oslo was a Walkley Award finalist in the cartoon category and in 2012 he wrote, directed and drew a short animation titled Melbhattan. Currently Oslo Davis draws gag cartoons for the Age, as well as a cartoon called Overheard in the Sunday Age.

Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli


Maria is Senior Lecturer in the School of Health and Social Development, Deakin University. Her research, writing and activism is primarily concerned with gender diversity, cultural diversity, sexual diversity and family diversity, and the links to social, emotional, mental and sexual health.  And yes, she loves the word (and the world of)  “diversity” !


Fiona McIntosh

Fiona McIntosh has written 18 adult novels and six for children since the Year 2000. She cut her teeth on best selling fantasy, earned praise for her fast paced Brit crime, but recently has developed a legion of fans for historical adventure-romance.  Her books sell worldwide in English and foreign translation.

James Phelan


Local author James Phelan has been a full-time novelist since the age of 25. He has two thriller series characters: Lachlan Fox (Red Ice, 2010), and Jed Walker (The Spy, 2013).

Following his popular Alone trilogy, James worked with Scholastic, producing a 13-book series ‘The Last Thirteen’.