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The 4 Noels
Catherine Bateson
Kevin Burgemeestre
Jigzie Campbell
Barry Carozzi
Kerry Cue
Archie Fusillo
Karm Gilespie
Morris Gleitzman
Alison Goodman
Andy Griffiths
Libby Hathorn
Rolf Heimann
Simon Higgins
Leigh Hobbs
Sue Ingleton
Sandy Kaye
John Larkin
Myron Lysenko
Shane Maloney
John Marsden
Mark Nicholls
John Nicholson
Sarah O'Donnell
Glyn Parry
Corrie Perkin
Tony Porter
Michael Pryor
Marcus Robertson
Jim Schembri
Anne E. Stewart
Patti Stiles
Taiko drums and flutes
Lauren Williams
Arnold Zable
Zen Zen Zo
Literary Dinner Junior School Program Andy Griffiths
Kevin Burgemeestre
Yr. 7 Program
Yr. 8 Program
Yr. 9 Program
"Best Books for Boys"
Yr. 10 Program
Yr. 11 and 12 Program
John Marsden
Lunchtime Entertainers
"Books, Blokes and Brekky"
Learn about the Reading Challenge 150
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