Staff Reviews

Mortal chaos

By Matt Dickinson

Fast paced thriller

Ms Michelle Sweeney

Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible

By Stan Lee

Graphic novel about Stan Lee.

Ms Angela Morris


By Andy Mulligan

An action-packed, fast-paced and exhilarating “kids outsmart evil adults” story.

Angela Morris

Big Game

By Dan Smith

A plane containing the President of the USA crashes, and is discovered by Oskari, a 13 year old boy.

Mr Peter Hillman

When Mr Dog Bites

By Brian Canaghan

YA humour about a boy with Tourette's Syndrome

Michelle Sweeney

Choose Your Own Autobiography

By Neil Patrick Harris

This book is written in the second person - as the old school 'choose your own adventure books', and I loved it!

Mrs F Eames (Librarian)

The Last Wild

By Piers Torday

A future in which a catastrophic disease called red eye has killed almost all of the animals and a small boy leads the remaining animals safety?

Mr Peter Hillman

Zone of Interest

By Martin Amis

Can you explain the Holocaust? This question and other disturbing questions are explored in a quite compelling conversational narrative by Martin Amis.

Dr M Collins (History Teacher)

The Rig

By Joe Ducie

On the face of it this may seem like a teen in prison story but it is much more...

Mr P. Hillman

A Spy Among Friends : Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal

By Ben Macintyre

Mix one part old boy network with generous slugs of pink gin and mix with jokes and cricket results.

Dr M. Collins (English Teacher)


By John Heffernan

This is a story with hope at its heart. It tells in an easy to read style of a boy whose family has been shattered by war in Afghanistan.

Mr P. Hillman (Head of Library)

Lao Tzu

By Tao Te Ching

This is an interesting book written for 10-13 year olds with every copy of the book sold benefitting the CFA. Read more...

Mr Tristan Hill

These Are My People

By Alan Marshall

It is 1942 and Alan, his wife Olive, and their dog set off in a horse drawn caravan to tour Victoria.

Ms R. Leaver (Admin Staff)

Watson's Pier

By Joshua Funder

Watson's Pier is a beautifully told story of the Gallipoli campaign of WW1 and the men involved. Written by Joshua Funder, it draws on his great grandfather's oral and written accounts, as well as official war records.

Mr P. Hillman (Head of Library)

The Narrow Road to the Deep North

By Richard Flanagan

Very worthwhile reading. Set mainly in Australia and Thailand during World War Two.

Mr K Dempsey (History Teacher)

All The Light We Cannot See

By Anthony Doerr

Over the break I read All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. It is becoming more and more difficult for me to stick with a book from beginning to end- time is precious and good writing is sometimes hard to pick.

Ms K. Cameron (English Teacher)

Burial Rites

By Hannah Kent

The Adelaide author Hannah Kent spent a year on exchange in Iceland in 2002.

Mr G Robins (French Teacher)

Tomorrow We Escape

By Tom Trumble

Tomorrow We Escape by Tom Trumble was a fascinating read. It portrays the true story of one Melbournian WW II digger's extraordinary adventures on the battlefields of Tobruk.

Ms K. Cameron (English Teacher)

Golden Boys

By Sonya Hartnett

Ok, I'm biased-I do think Sonya Hartnett is one of the best writers in Australia, but I'll try to be objective. In Golden Boys she distils the sights, smells, sounds and feel of your average small Aussie town.

Ms M. Sweeney (Librarian)

The Rosie Project

By Graeme Simpsion

Over the school holidays my husband read to me a delightful book called The Rosie Project by Graeme Simpsion. I thoroughly enjoyed the narrative.

Mrs L. English ( Art Teacher )

The Mountain

By Drusilla Modjeska

Set in the period just before Papua New Guinea's independence, this epic novel tells the story of a group of friends struggling to find their identity in an ancient and often alienating culture on the island.

Ms O. Hopkins ( Drama Teacher )

The Streetsweeper

By Elliot Perlman

Book review coming soon.

The Goldfinch

By Donna Tartt

The strength of this novel is the intimacy it allows us with Theo - only 13 years old when we meet him, but in his twenties by end of the sprawling, engaging, suspenseful mass of the book.

Ms M Sweeney (Librarian)

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

By Karen Joy Fowler

Karen Joy Fowler's novel, 'We are all completely beside ourselves' is written with a light hand but poses some interesting questions about what it is that makes us human, connects us with the rest of the animal kingdom and how families and siblings are forever inter-twined.

Ms O Hopkins (Drama Teacher)

The Daring Heart of David Livingstone

By Jay Milbrandt

The Daring heart of David Livingstone : exile, African slavery and the publicity stunt that saved millions is an incredible account of an incredible life

Mr G Dans (Teacher of Christian Education)

Failure is Not an Option

By Gene Kranz

Memoir of a veteran NASA flight director

Mr Peter Hillman

The case of the deadly desperados

By Caroline Lawrence

A funny, fast paced mystery adventure for 12 year old P.K., as he takes on the tricksters and desperados of violent Virginia City - part of a series.

Ms D. Visnovsky

Legacy by Tim Cahill

By Tim Cahill

An autobiography by Australian soccer player, Tim Cahill.

Ms Angela Morris

After tomorrow

By Gillian Cross

Ms Michelle Sweeney

The strays by Emily Bitto (winner of the 2015 Stella Prize)

By Emily BItto

Ms Michelle Sweeney

Auggie and me : three wonder stories by R.J. Palacio

By R.J. Palacio

The companion novel to the best-selling 'Wonder'.

Ms Angela Morris

What more do you want? Zen questions, Zen answers.

By Albert Low

Melody-Fleur (aka “Bu”) Watterson)

The Piano Tuner

By Justine Larbalestier

Mr Rob Hortin

The natural way of things

By Charlotte Wood

Ms Michelle Sweeney

That Fry boy

By James Fry

Ms Di McNamara


By Claire Dederer

Melody-Fleur (aka “Bu” ) Watterson

First Person

By Richard Flanagan

The story of the Guinea Pig Club during World War II

Dr Gert Reifarth

Wolf by Wolf

By Ryan Graudin

An alternative history in which Germany has won World War II, and a girl who escaped a concentration camp is chosen to assassinate him.

Ms Michelle Sweeney