Staff Reviews



By Andy Mulligan

What would you do if you discovered a secret? A secret so big it could end up with globally lethal consequences…

A class of teenagers are allocated 3 day work experience placements… Vicky’s assistant sandwich maker job at law firm Lockson & Lockson is a long way from the journalism placement she was desperate for and 3 days of spreading butter on bread is hardly going to rock her world….But once there, she’s quickly called upon to use her crisis management skills and suddenly she’s promoted to answering phones while the lawyers are out lunching…

The same law firm are responsible for the PR for a brand new soft drink that is flooding the market. LIQUIDATOR is THE drink…Fizzy, buzzy, sugary and thirst quenching…. The only problem is the highly addictive drink has been shown to cause life-threatening illness when tested on children in Africa.

Vicky unwittingly uncovers the buried information and calls in her classmates to help thwart a fast-approaching catastrophe. With millions at stake, the Liquidator launch set is set to take place at globally televised charity rock concert Africa’s Weeping…and it’s up to the kids to stop a very great wrong and make it right.

Told from the various points of view of all the students involved this “Kids outsmart evil adults” story by Andy Mulligan, author of best-selling TRASH is a ripper. Action-packed, fast-paced and exhilarating from start to finish. 


Reviewed by Angela Morris