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Mortal chaos

Mortal chaos

By Matt Dickinson

“ heart-stopping, breath-stealing ”

If you take the most heart-stopping, breath-stealing bits from Matthew Reilly & Chris Ryan, and throw in some cliff-hangers from true accounts of climbing Everest or heroic stories or real-life airline crashes, you’ll get an idea of what to expect from Mortal Chaos – all of that in one book!
You’ve probably heard of the butterfly effect - the scientific theory based on the idea that the beat of a butterfly’s wing can have a ripple effect, causing a major event on the other side of the world – for example, an earthquake.
Matt Dickinson uses this idea to link really short, adrenaline charged chapters about two boys who steal their father’s rifle to go deer hunting, when they don’t have any experience with guns, and an 18 year old Japanese woman who is attempting to be the youngest woman to scale Mt Everest, but after reaching the top, sets off an avalanche. We also meet the pilot struggling to get control of a jumbo jet as it plummets towards earth, all because of a bunch of helium balloons, and the skilled thief at Heathrow Airport who is finally thwarted by an off duty American pilot. Perhaps my favourite character is 6yr old Bakili in Malawi, Africa, who is desperately fending off a vicious pack of baboons as they raid his family’s maize crop - the only food keeping his family alive.
As you race through the book, anxious to find out who survives and who dies, you’re also trying to work out how each crisis can be traced back to one purple butterfly in a wood in England – and they can be…it is very clever.

Reviewed by Ms Michelle Sweeney