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My sister Rosa

My sister Rosa

By Justine Larbalestier

“ How could a child be so evil? ”

Just a thought, is it nature or nurture?  I pondered this as I was reading My Sister Rosa. A young girl with Shirley Temple locks and a smile to die for – she has an antisocial personality disorder and her parents deny themselves the truth, hoping she will grow out of it.

Her brother knows that she is trouble, but she is too smart to get caught out and continues her games with catastrophic consequences.

The book reminded me of something I had read moons ago called The Bad Seed by William March and Justine was certainly influenced by the writing. She wanted to write something about what makes children bad and questioned if empathy can be taught.

A good read with some great questions.  How could a child be so evil? Were there other kids like that?  Why were they like that?

Read it for yourself.

Reviewed by Ms Emorfia Kupraiou