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The Last Wild

The Last Wild

By Piers Torday

The Last wild is a simple story about a boy about your age named Kester, who lives in a scary future in a place called the island – which looks and sounds a lot like Britain. A future in which a catastrophic disease called red eye has killed almost all of the animals. Kester is locked away in a fairly dark place called Spectrum Hall, a detention centre, for reasons which become obvious later on reading the book.  One very bleak and dark day he finds a cockroach in the exercise yard. Now you all know that cockroaches are great survivors (and they have endured the red eye) and when Kester realizes that he can talk to and understand what the cockroach is saying he is amazed. The cockroach turns to him and says there is not time to be amazed; you, me and the 99 pigeons waiting have a long way to travel And so they do, to where they eventually find a small enclave of animals in a deserted wood on the northern shore of the island. The animals, who have survived the red eye plague, are led by a great stag and guarded by wolves. They ask Kester for his help to take them to the city to find a cure – and that is really the story arc of the last wild.  A delightfully written fantasy story for young teenagers - it is an easy to read parable of what we are doing to our own environment and the species that we are losing to extinction. 

Mr Peter Hillman

Reviewed by Mr Peter Hillman