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The Mountain

The Mountain

By Drusilla Modjeska

“ If you like epic sagas about groups of friends ”

Set in the period just before Papua New Guinea's independence, this epic novel tells the story of a group of friends struggling to find their identity in an ancient and often alienating culture on the island. The novel is well-researched and if you are interested in the impact of colonisation and national identity then this book holds a lot of interest. Unfortunately though, Modjeska's style of writing means the characters themselves are often two-dimensional and it can be difficult to really engage with their personal stories and crises in the novel. In attempting to cover such a tumultuous period in history in so much depth, Modjeska sometimes over-writes certain aspects and some more astute editing was needed overall. If you like epic sagas about groups of friends, or you are interested in the history of Papua then this is a good novel for you. 3/5

Reviewed by Ms O. Hopkins ( Drama Teacher )