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About the library

When is the library open?

The library opens at 8.00 am each weekday and closes at 5.00 pm from Monday to Thursday and 3.15 pm on Friday. See Library hours.

Is the library open in the holidays?

No.The library is closed over the holidays and at weekends.

Can I come to the library during class time?

Yes, provided your subject teacher provides you with a Library Pass.

Does the library have a lost and found?

Yes. Ask for lost items at the Service Desk.


How many items may I borrow?

You can borrow up to 10 items at the one time. See Library Borrowing Policy for details.

Do I need to have my ID card when I want to borrow?

It is preferred that students carry their ID card when borrowing.

Are there overdue fines?

No, but further borrowing is denied until the overdue items are returned.

What happens if I lose a book?

You will need to report the loss to a librarian and it will be charged to your account.

How can I renew a loan?

Bring the borrowed item to the Service Desk. The Librarian will renew the loan provided no other student has reserved it. [See Library Borrowing Policy for details]

How can I reserve a book?

Ask the Librarian at the Service Desk to reserve it for you or reserve on line.

Can I borrow magazines?

The current issue of any magazines is not for loan. Older issues can be borrowed for one week.

Can I borrow videos and DVDs?

Yes. Videos and DVDs can be borrowed 1 week. See Library Borrowing Policy.

Catalogue use

Where is the catalogue?

The catalogue is accessible through the Library Home Page and can be accessed from any of the computers in the library. There are also 4 OPACs dedicated to accessing just the catalogue.

Where do I find ... fiction titles, books on specific subjects?

You will find this information in the library catalogue. Select a 'title' search or a 'subject' search.

Photocopying and printing

How much does photocopying cost? 

All black and white photocopying in the library is free. You need to use your student card to print or photocopy in colour. Credit can be added to your card using the Autoloader machine. Ask a librarian if you need assistance.

Can I print in colour?

Yes, please ask for assistance in choosing the right settings.

Library computer use

Can I use the library databases from home?

Yes. Ask a Librarian for a list of user names and passwords.

Can I use the library computers to check my email?

Yes, at lunch and recess times, before and after school. See the library policy on use of computers for more details.

Can I download videos, games and music files?

No. See the School policy for use of electronic resources.

Finding information and resources

How do I find newspaper articles?

The library keeps The Age, the Herald Sun , the Financial Review and The Australian for 4 weeks. To find newspaper articles online, ask a Librarian for assistance.

Is there anywhere I can get help for my research assignment?

Yes. A librarian will be able to assist you at any time. Check the A-Z of topics for websites selected to assit students with their research.

Can you recommend a good book to read?

Yes. Check Reviews and Recommended Reads or ask a librarian for a recommendation.