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Wolf by Wolf

Wolf by Wolf

By Ryan Graudin

“ Germany, 1956. Over ten years since the Nazis won the war... ”

Yael is a 17 year old polish girl. After being experimented on by Nazi doctors she gained the ability to change her body shape and size. The story begins in Germania with Yael getting her 6th tattoo, the 5th wolf to cover up the numbers on her arm. This one is a reminder the last 4 are memories. Later it is revealed that she is on a mission to partake in the 10th Germania to Japan motorcross. The story follows Yael through her shape shifting adventure in 1956 - her ultimate goal, to kill the führer. On the way she finds out about her bodyand Adele Wolffe's relationship with one of the previous winners Luka löwe. Overall Wolf by Wolf is a great story that combines suspense, action and more into an alternate reality.


Reviewed by Callum Swain, year 8