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Disease and health
World Life Expectancy

World Life Expectancy Chart

Example of UK variations in infant mortality

BBC News

World Health Organization (WHO) site on obesity.

Malri’s story: facing obesity (Kenya). Chronic disease site from the WHO

WHO Child health site

WHO diet and physical activity campaign

Population Research Bureau statistics including report on malnutrition

Article about a young American boy who died through lack of access to health care

A site for producing country scale population pyramids for present and future

American FactFinder

United States:  Census 2010

United Nations:  World Population Ageing 1950 - 2050

BBC News
A BBC report on encouraging a healthy lifestyle

The independent newspaper UK. Article on adopting a healthy lifestyle

Netdoctor: teenage health facts

Real life case studies of teenage health issues. Local help lines e.g. school nurse, health clinics, Samaritans

Disabled Peoples’ International – an organisation that promotes rights of disabled people worldwide

UNICEF main website

UNICEF;  Child Welfare

A DVD of 9 films which support the UN Millennium Development Goals

ActionAid International
An international charity website with national site links which aims to eliminate world poverty

International charity aimed at supporting those with sight difficulties