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Drama - General Resources

ABWAG Lessons
A...act, B...feel, Lessons from the drama coach Don Richardon.

Acting Workshop Online
So You Want To Be An Actor? This is the place for beginning actors and actresses to learn about acting and the acting business. Tips and lessons on learning monologues, preparing for auditions, dealing with stage fright and a lot more.

Australia's National Institute for Dramatic Art

Footlight Notes
explores the lives and careers of performers from the 1850s to the 1920s.

Method Acting Procedures
From TheatreGroup, descriptions of various techniques and procedures of so-called "method" acting, including relaxation

Playwrights - Yahoo listing

Australian Government Recreation and Culture Portal
A directory of Australian cultural organisations and resources.  This portal provides access to over 3,500 websites and 1.8 million pages about Australia 's culture and recreation.  An excellent search capability called “Bluey search” helps locate information, websites and resources of cultural organisations.

Australian Government Recreation and Culture Portal - Highlights in Australian theatre history
An article found using the portal's Bluey Search. Excellent overview of Australian theatre history.

Australian Heritage Database
This database indexes buildings of significance. Search for theatres, performance spaces using its' name or by location