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Workplace Relations

ACTU Worksite for Schools

Australian Council of Trade Unions
Homepage of the ACTU with sections on current topics, fact sheets, recent surveys, newsletters, campaigns, rights, research resources and union links

Australian Industrial Relations Commission

Australian Labour Party and the union movement
From the ALP homepage, an article about the traditional links of the party with the unions.

Australian Workplace
Information on workplace relations, labour market information, wages and conditions and agencies. Click on the link for "workplace relations" to find more information on legislation, policies, trades recognition and more.

Breaking the gridlock
This website contains policy material issued by the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations examining the case for a simpler national workplace relations system in Australia. Three discussion papers discuss the issue.

Commonwealth Department of Employment and Workplace Relations

Labour and employer organizations
A list of links to organsations provided by the Dept of the Parliamentary Library.
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Labour and Trade Unions
List of links from VicNet. Subcategories to check.include information on Victorian, Australian and International unions.

National Occupational Health and Safety Commission

Office of the employment advocate

Unions and related sites
From the Australian National University, a list of useful sites.

Workplace Relations Act 1996
Full text of the act, including all the related sections - Australian Industrial Relations Commission, Australian Industrial Registry, The Employment Advocate, Dispute prevention and settlement and more.
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