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Soldier on the Hill

ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee of Queensland website
This website gives an overview and chronology of Australia's involvement in World War II. Topics covered are:

  • Overview and chronology of the conflict
  • Supplementary Information and Anecdotes
  • The Australian Home Front during World War 2
  • The Battle for Australia (Australia under attack and the Kokoda Track)
  • The Australian War Memorial
    This website can assist you with information about Australia's involvement in war from first settlement to today, with particular reference to Gallipoli and ANZAC Day. You are also able to:

  • Take a virtual tour of the War Memorial,
  • Research information about your family history,
  • Learn about military relics and other items in the collection,
  • Research Australia's peacekeeping commitments and involvement in overseas conflict.
  • Australian Government Department of Veterans' Affairs - World War II.
    This comprehensive World War II website is maintained by the Australian Government Department of Veterans' Affairs and deals with the War through Australian eyes. It encompasses such topics as: the Australian home front, the Kokoda track, and the attacks on both Darwin and Sydney Harbour.

    War and Peace: Rationing and Rebuilding. 1940s life in Cottesloe, Western Australia
    This site explores what it was like on the Australian Home Front. Topics covered include: "Barbed wire and sandbags", "Getting around", "Keeping in touch", "A house in the suburbs", "Keeping healthy", "School days", "Working hard", "Having fun", "Make do and mend", "Populate or perish".

    Battle for Singapore
    This website is maintained by the National Archives of Singapore and contains links to news articles from the time.

    The bombing of Darwin
    Battle for Australia: the bombing of Darwin
    The bombing of Darwin and Northern Australia
    These websites provides information about the Japanese bombing of Darwin and Northern Australia between 1942 and 1943.

    Battle for Singapore
    Information about the battle for Singapore, including a map and timeline.