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Film and Media Studies

History of Media Communications

From Wireless to Web
This site has great digital archives on the history of broadcast media in Australia. It is easy to navigate with detailed timelines, information, interviews and video clips.

Media History Project
With careful searching there is some useful information on all means of communication.

Computer History Museum
The Computer History Museum maintains a huge collection of materials related to the history of computing. Here you can search a portion of the Museum's collection, including over 20,000 records for objects, documents, software, photographs and films.

Smithsonian Institution -Inventors and Scientists
Includes extensive oral and visual histories of some of the foremost developments in the area of technology in recent times. Includes interviews with the founders of Microsoft, Netscape and the World Wide Web.


Internet MovieDatabase
Use the search engine here to find reviews and other information about films.

Vicnet Cinema Page


ABC online
Descriptions and reviews of television programs featured on ABC TV. Transcripts of ABC TV programs available

Eye of the World: John Logie Baird and Television (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)
Look here to find out about television program guides