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Cities and Urbanisation

Landmarks - Urban life (National Museum of Australia)
Examines how Australian governments, planners, architects, developers and residents have built cities as places to live, work and play.

The Environment Book (Kids Love Cities, USA)
Many cities around the world are considering how to make sure that everyone can live there, without damaging the planet.

Creating Places For People: an urban design protocol for Australian cities (Australian Government)
Creating Places for People is a collaborative commitment to best practice urban design in Australia. The protocol is the result of two years of collaboration between peak community and industry organisations, States, Territories, Local Governments, and the Australian Government.

Urban Design Policy - Australian Institute of Architects
Australian cities and towns are formed by our culture. They must continue to evolve sustainably, whilst ensuring an economic and social future

Project for Public Spaces
Project for Public Spaces (PPS) is a nonprofit planning, design and educational organization dedicated to helping people create and sustain public spaces that build stronger communities.

The 10 Fastest Growing Megacities In The World (2013)
As the world's population rapidly moves into urban areas, the world's largest cities are growing explosively--and almost all that growth is happening in the developing world.

The Rise of Megacities - interactive (The Guardian)
By 2025, the developing world, as we understand it now, will be home to 29 megacities. We explore the latest UN estimates and forecasts on the growth of these 'cities on steroids', and take a look at the challenges and opportunities megacities present for the tens of millions living in Lagos, Mexico City and Dhaka.

Megacities (Debating Matters)
News, audio-visual resources and other information about megacities

Megacities Carbon Project (NASA)
Measuring Carbon Emissions from Cities - The largest human contribution to climate change

What is urban design? (Victorian Government)
Urban Design is the practice of shaping the physical features and to make high-quality connections between places and buildings for the enjoyable and safe activity of people. While creating places for people, urban design must respect and enhance the natural environment and use resources efficiently.

What is urban design? (Australian Government)
Urban design is concerned with the arrangement, appearance and function of our suburbs, towns and cities. It is both a process and an outcome of creating localities in which people live, engage with each other, and engage with the physical place around them.