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Erosion and Deposition

Weathering, erosion, landforms and regolith: Teacher notes and student activities
This booklet is produced by GEOSCIENCE AUSTRALIA. It is intended to provide information for both science and geography teachers to support their work with pupils in both upper primary and secondary settings.

Anthony Bennett's Geography Videos
These very short videos created by Anthony Bennett of Internet Geography (UK) show real-life examples of the effects of erosion, transportation and deposition as well as examples of various landforms. Don't know what slumping looks like? You'll be able to find out here.

A-Level Geography
This website created by Anthony Bennett of Internet Geography (UK) covers a wide range of geography topics including: Rivers, Coasts, Population, Tectonics and Hazards and Ecosystems. The diagrams and explanations are clear and simple, and plenty of photo examples as well.

ABC Splash!
Type in your key word/s to see Australian Curriculum resources including: videos, weblinks, articles and more. You can refine your search by year level and subject to target right in on your topic.