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Huaorani Dilemma

National Geographic News: Anthropologist on Living With a Remote Amazon Tribe
An ecological anthropologist found a way to live with and help the Huaorani during a time when the modern world was closing in fast. She reports on how they face these changes.

The Peoples of the World Foundation: education for and about indigenous peoples: the Huaorani
Explores their experiences with Oil companies.

Huaorani Indians: warriors of the Amazon
Looks at the traditional way of life as well as the effects of contact with missionaries and oil companies. Rainforests
Details the effects of logging, rubber plantations and a weak government eager to profit from rich resources on the traditional life of the Huaorani.

Indigenous Huaorani Seek Oil Moratorium on Their Amazon Lands

Ecudor Stops Petrobra’s Oil Road into Biodiversity Treasure
2005 - Under heavy pressure from conservation groups and the indigenous Huaorani, the Ecuadorian Environment Ministry temporarily stopped the Brazilian national oil company Petrobras from building an access road into Yasuni National Park and Biosphere Reserve, located in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Wikipedia: Yasuni National Park
Continuing efforts to protect the National Park and Biosphere reserve from oil companies.

Amazon Eco Tours – Huaorani Ecolodge Amazon
Promotional site for an eco-lodge at the headwaters of the Amazon.

Road Construction Threatens Huaorani in Ecuador

Cocaine culture creeps into Ecuador