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Climb It

For centuries, man has been trying to conquer the heights. The highest and the most challenging of these, the Himalayas, provides a daunting challenge to those bold enough to try. Many who have tried, have failed; some have lost their lifes. Many have succeeded!

A competent guide on a mountain trek needs to understand the relationships between altitude, temperature, and air pressure as they are critical to survival. Also, he/she will need to learn about and be aware of other dangers and survival skills. What motivates the climber to personally take on this dangerous challenge and what characteristics
contribute to a successful climb?

You have been assigned as a guide for this expedition. You will be instructing four, experienced climbers on how to reach the summit . By the end of this exercise, you will complete these tasks you will have produced a PowerPoint presentation that you will use to guide and educate your group. It will include maps, training, equipment, weather and altitude conditions.

Questions you will need to consider:
What is the elevation of the highest mountain peak?

What is the air the bottom? the middle? the top?

How does air pressure affect the body? What do climbers have to do to overcome the ill effects?

What types of food would you need to eat for this strenuous task?

Proper clothing is essential. What kind of materials and fibers keep you the warmest?

How many people in the past five years have survived? Reached the top?

What causes avalanches?
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Use the following resources to help you formulate your survival course:

Mountainzone - expeditions to Mt Everest

NASA images of Everest

PBS- NOVA Online - Everest

Yahoo Links
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You will be working in groups of three, and each group will design its' own Power Point presentation


Within the time set you should have enough information in your Powerpoint presentation to enable your clients to be ready for the expedition.

Climb-It! A Webquest. Created by Mary Ann Montgomery and Amme Krutulis
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