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Vegetarianism - Wikipedia article
Includes definitions of vegetarianism, semi-vegetarianism and veganism. Provides background information about the history of vegetarianism, the health benefits and concerns, ethics, religious beliefs, environmental issues and more.

Australian Vegetarian Society
The Australian Vegetarian Society is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the vegetarian way of life by campaigning, education, information and research. Contains videos and articles to support vegetarianism.

Better Health Channel
A website produced by the Victorian Government. Contains a facts sheet about vegetarianism that looks at health benefits, particularly addressing how to adequately meet nutritional needs.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
Contains information about factory farming, issues relating to meat production and the environment, health problems that may be linked with eating meat and other animal products, and "reasons to go vegan".

CSIRO - The facts on eating red meat
Suggests that eating lean red meat provides a good source of protein and energy, as well as having benefits in avoiding heart disease but that the consumption of animal fat should be reduced.

IDebate - The International Debate Education Association
Try a keyword search for 'vegetarianism' to find arguments for and against vegetarianism in this online debating database.

Opposing viewpoints database Search the opposing viewpoints database for arguments for and against vegetarianism