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American Civil War

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The American Civil War
This is a very eye-catching Civil War site. It features biographies of Civil War leaders, both north and south. In addition, there is information on the nature of battle, suggested reading materials, and a battlefield parks section. On the graphics side, you'll find pictures of many of the more famous generals along with some nice re-enactment pictures.

American Civil War Resources
This site is located in the Special Collections Department of the University Libraries at Virginia Tech. There is a lot of information here, along with some images.

American Civil War Battle Statistics

Battle of Gettysburg
Read about this three day battle which resulted in 51,000 casualties making Gettysburg the bloodiest battle of American history. This site contains several well written articles, eye witness accounts, maps, links, and reenactment information.

Battle of Shiloh
Read about this pivotal battle which, although was a Union victory, saw a tremendous amount of criticism against Grant. In rebuttle, Lincoln said, "I can't spare this man. He fights."
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Causes of the Civil War

The Civil War Pages
This site covers a wide variety of topics concerning the Civil War including information on the 78th PA, Battle of Stones River, weaponry, and Pickett's Mill. The site has numerous images spread throughout and is an excellent resource.

Civil War Photographs
Selected photographs of the Civil War from the Library of Congress. Includes a time-line of the War

Images of the Civil War
Browse a huge gallery of Civil War images organized by subject and location
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Memoirs of General William T. Sherman
Read of General Sherman's account of the Battle of Shiloh.

Personal memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant
Read the opinions of one of the Civil War's least understood generals.

Speeches and letters of Abraham Lincoln

A Storm of Shot and Shell: Weapons of the Civil War.
From the Chicago Public Library, an excellent introduction article on the effectiveness of Civil War weaponry. With an exhibition of selected items
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