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Ancient History - General Resources

Ancient World Web

Collapse: Why do civilisations fall?
A CPB/Annenberg learning site exploring the collapse of 4 ancient civilisations.

Daily life in ancient civilisations
From the helpful MR & Mrs Donn, great information on the civilisations of
Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, India and China

Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Eight ancient world cultures are explored : Ancient Near East ; Ancient India ; Ancient Egypt ; Ancient China ; Ancient Greece ; Ancient Rome ; Early Islamic World ; and Medieval Europe. Each profile includes a chronology, essays, images and background information

Secrets of lost empires
NOVA Online informs you of "the technology and human ingenuity of these civilizations by attempting to recreate these monuments - using only the tools available to the ancients." Medieval siege, Pharaoh's obelisk, Roman bath and China bridge.

Odyssey Online
Welcome to Odyssey Online, a journey to explore the ancient Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome and Africa. You can make your own discoveries through cool puzzles, games, and worksheets.
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The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
This site provides historical information about these wonders, maps, images and related links.

Think Quest: Ancient Civilisations
Picture yourself as a traveler. You are an explorer who goes to the Middle-East to gain an understanding of the cultures which exsit there. This interactive adventure allows you to assume the role of princess, merchant, or scholar as you travel through the ancient world.
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