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Classical Civilisations - Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome: Images and Pictures
Here are eight great galleries dealing with the sights and monuments of ancient Rome. You will find explanatory text for each image and photos are all click-to-enlarge. There is an excellent links list at the bottom of the opening page.

An official source of information on the archaelogical site of the Imperial Forums in Rome. A close look at the civilization of ancient Rome, including information about the emperors and daily life. Includes a virtual tour.

Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology
From the University of Michigan. Collects links to known internet resources of interest to classicists and Mediterranean archaeologists.Included are links to texts, journals, bibliographies, museums, exhibits, atlases, etc. Also included are general interest sites such as "Ancient Roman Cooking." Searchable.

De Imperatoribus Romanis: An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors
In the Latin West, rulers were known as Imperator and Augustus, and in the Greek East they were known as Basileus, Augustus. This site allow its users to retrieve short biographical essays of all the Roman emperors from the accession of the Emperor Augustus to the death of the Emperor Constantine XI Palaeologus. Each essay on this site, which is peer reviewed, is written by a scholar and is accompanied by a bibliography, illustrations, and footnotes

Interactive Ancient Mediterranean (IAM)
IAM is an on-line atlas of the ancient Mediterranean world designed to serve the needs and interests of students and teachers in high schoolcourses in classics, ancient history, geography, archaeology and related fields
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Rome: From Republic to Empire
This site includes brief information on a wide range of topics about Rome's history, culture, and civilization. Included are slavery, Roman nomenclature, government, clothing, social classes, Roman baths, gladiator games, chariot racing, and more. Images are also provided.

The Roman Army: A Bibliography
A lengthy bibliography of materials covering the Roman army, compiled by a professional scholar. An excellent starting point for research.

Archaeology - Learning to read Rome's ruins - From the Vatican Exhibit
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Artserve - Art and Architecture mainly from the Mediterranean Basin
From The Australian National University. Includes lots of information and images about Roman art and architecture.

Classical Art and Architecture
A collection of 431 images divided into categories from the Australian National University.

Vatican Exhibit Main Hall
Includes lots of historical information about the city of Rome.

Pompeii Forum Project
Focuses on the urban center of Pompeii. The forum at any Roman town was the urban center housing the town's main religious, civic, and commercial institutions. From the University of Virginia.
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