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French Revolution

Eighteenth Century France
Very attractive site which focuses on France's royal family in the 18th century. Topics include art, music, fashion, and detailed information about aristocratic society. Page titles are in French but the text is in English.

French Revolution links
Compiled by a lecturer at the University of Portsmouth. Includes academic and more general resources. Excellent annotations.

Napoleon related links
Napoleonic wars, literature, art and architecture.

The people and the French Revolution
Essay by Professor Gwynne Lewis of Warwick University. Discusses the social composition of revolutionary and counter-revolutionary popular movements, their major political, social and economic programs, and how their successs and failure explained the course taken by the Revolution.

The siege and commune of Paris
Special collection of over 1200 digitised photographs and images from the Deering Library, NorthWestern University. In addition to the images in this set, the Library's Siege & Commune Collection contains 1500 caricatures, 68 newspapers in hard-copy and film, hundreds of books and pamphlets and about 1000 posters. Additions are made regularly.