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The Feudal System

Battle of Hastings

BBC The Normans. The Battle of Hastings Game

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Medieval England

Castle Builder

Medieval Siege

Medieval Scribe

Medieval Occupations

Daily Life

Feudal life
What was it really like to live in the Middle Ages. A great site from Annenberg/CPB

Life in the Middle Ages

Life in the Middle Ages
Information on the life of commoners, monks and nuns, ladies and knights and a lot more. A project of a secondary school in the US.

From Mr Dowling's Electronic Passport, great information on feudal life in the Middle Ages

Daily Life of Peasants

Feudal Life

Medieval Society

The Town Merchants

Medieval Merchants

Medieval Merchant Culture

Farming in the Middle Ages

The Farmer's Life

Ancient and Medieval Farming

Farmers During the Middle Ages

Farmer's Laws

Medieval Farm Tools

Medieval Farming

Education in the Middle Ages

Medieval Education

Medieval Education

More Medieval Education

Medieval Schools & Universities

Education of Women

Medieval Schooling

Monks and Nuns

Church and the Crusades

Medieval Life - Crusades

Crusades Information


The Second Crusade


Clothing of Crusaders