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The Australian Homefront during WWII

The Australian homefront during WW2
Chapters on initial reactions; from 'phoney war' to 'all in'! ; government controls; equality of sacrifice; women; Americans in Australia; the economy; conscription; Indigenous Australians; national identity; national independence; the enemy within; everyday life; legacies and impacts.

The Homefront
Excellent website from Curtin University and the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library, includes images and information on Conscription : Curtin's dilemma; civilian life, the Australian war effort, recruitment posters and more.

Homefront - Victorians at war
From the oral history project developed by the State Library of Victoria and the Veterans Association.

Effects on everyday life
Everyday life - from

Civilian service in WW2
Fact sheet from the NAA.

Family life during the wars

Clothing food and petrol rationing during WW2
Article from Year Book Australia 1945

Civilian service in World War II
Fact sheet from the National Archives of Australia