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The Norman Invasion

History of the invasion with visual scenes.

Battle of Hastings
From the BBC Interactive. Re-enact the battle acting as either Harold or William

Battle of Hastings Game
An educational adventure, as King Harold of England, it is up to you to decide how to deal with both Harald and William if you are to keep your throne...

The Bayeux Tapestry
History of the construction of the tapestry, with links to images of the tapestry

The complete Bayeux Tapestry
The complete Bayeux Tapestry including the literal latin translation, and a description of the events depicted in each of the 48 web-sized panels.

The Norman conquest
A history trail from the BBC. What was the real impact of the Vikings and the Normans on Britain? Find out more about the turbulent events that led up to 1066 and the dynastic crisis that sparked it off.