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Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games - Melbourne 2006

Melbourne 2006 Official Games Website

Melbourne Commonwealth Games - Education Resources

Commonwealth Games - History

History of the Commonwealth Games
From the Melbourne Commonwealth Games site

Commonwealth Games Federation
Includes a complete history of the Games, including results by country and by sport for each year.

Commonwealth Secretariat
Has information on Commonwealth including member nations

History of Melbourne - from the 1956 Olympic Games to 2006 Commonwealth Games

Melbourne - 1956 Olympics
From the official Olympic Games website - a perspective on the 1956 games in Melbourne.

Public Record Office Victoria ( Melbourne 1956 Olympics)

Environmentally Friendly Games

Melbourne 2006 Education - Changing Environment

Earth Systems
This site provides the following annotated maps:
the Water Map of Melbourne ; the Australian Water Map; the World Environment Map;
and the Environment Map of Australia .

Commonwealth Secretariat
(For information on Commonwealth Nations, including their environmental issues go to Who We Are - Members. For information on Environmentally Sustainable Development go to What We Do.)

Office of Commonwealth Games Coordination
Select 'Protecting the Environment'

Technology and the Commonwealth Games (The Y2K Swimsuit)

Australian Institute of Sport (Clothing and Equipment)

BBC (Swimwear history - from silk to sharks)

BBC (The Science of Sport - Dressed for success)

Design Technology Department (The Olympic Games - Design and Technology)

Queen's Baton Relay
For more information on the design and features of the current Queen's Baton look under the section "Baton".