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Alfred Adler
Biographical sketch of Alfred Adler

Solomon Asch
New York Times Obituary Solomon Asch - outlines biography and work

Albert Bandura
Biographical sketch & outline of theories
Social Learning Theory: A. Bandura
Bandura on Social Learning - Video part 1 part 2

Benjamin Bloom
Bloom's Taxonomy
UNESCO document on Bloom

Raymond Cattell
Personality Synopsis - Trait theory
A short biography

Florence Levin Denmark
Short biography
Biography and outline of areas of work

Dorothy Dix
Dorothy Dix - biography and teachings

Erik Erikson
1994 New York Times obituary of psychoanalyst Erik Erikson
Personality theories: Erik Erikson

Hans Eysenck
Psychology Biographies - Hans Eysenck

Anna Freud
New York Times Obituary, October 10th 1982. Biography and study.
Anna Freud - biography

William James
Genius in the Family: Cameo biography
Psychology Defined: William James

Carl Gustav Jung
Yahoo! > Pscychologists (Brief biography with selected works)
Carl Jung 1875 - 1961 (Biography and outline of major personality theories)

Abraham Maslow
Biography and theories

Stanley Milgram: Milgram's Experiments on Obedience - Video part 1 part 2

Ivan Pavlov
Brief biography from

Jean Piaget
The Time 100: Scientists & Thinkers: Jean Piaget
1980 New York Times obituary for Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget. (Brief biography and theories outline)

Carl Rogers
Carl Rogers and Informal Education (outline of theories)

Oliver Sacks
Audio interview with Oliver Sacks
Biography: Oliver Sacks

B.F. Skinner
Encyclopaedia Britannica Online article
Skinner biography and outline

Margaret Floy Washburn

Max Wertheimer
Gestalt Psychology - Max Wertheimer, Wolfgang Kohler, Kurt Koffka, Kurt Lewin

"Gestalt theory" by Max Wertheimer

Phillip Zimbardo: Stanford Prison - Video Part 1 part 2