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Christian Education - General Resources

Audio Bible
Audio version of the King James Translation

The Bible Gateway
Iin 9 languagues, with a range of English language translations. A service of GospelNet.

The Bible Unbound
Huge range of searchable Bibles in numerous languages. Commenaties
are available as well as parallel tests on screen.

Early Christianity

Exploring Ancient World Cultures
A vast and well-organised site with links to Early Christianity and the first civilisations.

The Gospels in parallel
Three four and five gospels in parallel for easy comparison and
study, including the 'Gospel of Thomas'.

Into His Own - Perspectives on the Life of Jesus
Easy access here to a wide range of ancient documents relating to the
time of Jesus. Introduction and background on the political, social, intellectual and cultural climate and perspectives on people and events, including Josephus and others. From Rutgers University.

Jesus: The Complete Story
The discovery Channel video 'Jesus:the Complete Story'
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Jesus : The Complete Story - Q&A
with viewers questions answered

Extensive online resources for a course taught by Mark Goodacre at the University of Birmingham

New Media Bible
The Bible has passed through every media transformation in history.
This is its engagement with the latest.

NT Gateway
Dr Mark Goodacre's NT Gateway provides good descriptions of a wide range of links
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Synoptic Gospels Primer
Introduction to the Synoptic question and NT 'criticism'. Excellent links.From Rutgers University - Dept of Theology.

Theology lectures
Five lectures on Jesus pitched at first year university level. From Dr Mark Goodacre, Dept of Theology, University of Birmingham.
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