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A Beginners Introduction to Islam
Information about practices, comparative religions, Shi'a and Sunni muslims, Islamic philosophy, spirituality, art and more. There are also links for learning about Allah and the Qur'an, and history and current events.

Islam Online
Lots of news and views, information about the religion, the Qur'an, Ramadan, contemporary issues and a lot more.

Palestine Special, maps and facts
From Islam Online. A brief history of Palestine from just before the British Occupation until the present. The map of the region on the left of the screen has flashing hotspots which contain extra notes about the area.

Guide to Islam
A brief illustrated guide to Islam for non-Muslims wishing to learn about the religion.

The Islam Page
Lots of articles on Islam from leading scholars and religious leaders, including a brief introduction to the religion, its principles and practices, the existence of Allah, and a lot more.

Islam : Empire of Faith
From the 4 part PBS TV program – includes a timeline, video clips and a commentary, information on the faith, culture, profiles of important personalities and innovations.

Living Islam
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The Bible and the Koran
Head to head for comparison

The searchable Koran
From (inter alia) the University of Michigan

The Koran
From the Electronic Text Centre, University of Virginia
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