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BBC World religions
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers from Soc.Culture.Jewish Newsgroup - Information about Judaism.
Into His Own : links to transcripts from primary sources relating to the period of Second Temple Judaism.
Judaism - Yahoo list of links.
Judaism - What do Jews believe?
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Lots of information about Israel.
Signs and symbols of Judaism
US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Dieterich Bonhoeffer

From James Kiefer's Christian biographies, select the alphabetical listing, and then locate Bonhoeffer under B.
Sydney Jewish Museum
Jewish holiday dates and calendar
Torah tots
Flag of Israel
What do Jews believe? 
Jewish Museum of Australia (Melbourne)

The Holocaust
Cyber-library of the Holocaust
Rresearch links including stories and books by survivors, images of camps, and reflective essays
Everything Jewish
A guide to Jewish religious observances, history and culture 
Holocaust survivors
This site aims to show the human face of history, with personal stories of holocaust survivors, photo and audio gallery, a historical introduction and more.
Shamash - holocaust page
Simon Wiesenthal Center Information Resources
Information resources on the Holocaust, Twentieth-century genocides, antisemitism, racism, and related issues.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Warsaw Ghetto - Extract from a book about Jan Karski.