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Diseases General Resources

All the Virology on the Web
Information about viruses (both animal and plant) and vaccines as well as links to information on specific viruses. The Big Picture Book of Viruses presents images of viruses according to their classification. Specific viruses such as ebola, influenza, are covered with annotated links to other Web sites.

Anatomy of an epidemic
A Thinkquest challenge. Information about epidemics, quizzes, maps, fact sheets.

Attack of the Killer Germs
For information on AIDS, viruses, and the immune system look here.

Communicable Disease Fact Sheets
Get the facts on everything from Amebiasis - Yersiniosis. Diseases are listed alphabetically in an easy to find format. The fact sheets are also available to download as a whole in the PDF format. Includes fact sheets on influenza, cholera, malaria, measles and a host of others.

Diseases and Conditions
List of links from Yahoo.

Hidden Killers: Deadly Viruses
A thorough and comprehensive site that explores virus basics, profiling thirteen of the most common viruses known to man -- HIV, influenza, hepatitis, measles, polio, ebola, etc. In addition, the site discusses how the body fights these viruses and explores the potential military uses of them. Another excellent ThinkQuest site

Infection Detection Protection
From the American Museum of Natural History, Meet the Microbes is a Web site that celebrates the triumphs of microbe hunters and disease detectives. Today, scientists know how to battle and even prevent many diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.
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