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Space and the Solar System

9 Planets
a multimedia tour of the solar system

Amazing space
This is a collection of web-based activities designed to be used by anyone fascinated with out space and as a resource for classroom activities

Ask An Astronomer

The constellations and their Stars

Cosmic Quest
CosmicQuest brings the fun back to the universe with lots of great educational activities. Design your own space station, browse through a field guide or watch space Web casts

General Astronomy Information - From the Royal Greenwich Observatory.

Imagine the Universe Dictionary

Life beyond earth
Are we alone? Is anyone out there? An astronomer comes up with the Drake Equation calculating the likelihood of other civilisations coexisting the in the universe

Live from Earth and Mars

A fun site from NASA for you to explore and learn about space, rockets, astronauts and the solar system
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Space craft systems
Details the requirements for the space station eg power, communications etc

Diagrams of the ISS
Simple and clear - shows how it's assembled and what each module is for.

Official International Space Station site

Be a Space Station Engineer
Find out the background and design the spacecraft both on line and off line
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