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Famous Physicists and their Discoveries

Albert Einstein - Images and Impact
An exhibit that allows you to "tour Einstein's life." It includes historical information about Albert Einstein, photographs, audio clips of Einstein explaining his theories, and links to other sites.

A Century of Physics
A timeline of signigicant events, inventions and the people behind the development

The Discovery of the Electron
The Discovery of the Electron was produced to commemorate the 100th anniversary of J.J. Thomson's groundbreaking experiments.

Exploring Gravity
From Curtin University, an interactive physics teaching site about the phenomenon of gravity

Galileo and Einstein
A series of lectures which outline the evolution of the science of physics

Nobel Laureates in Physics 1900-2002

Spacetime wrinkles
Information about Einstein's General and Special theories of relativity and how they relate to space-time.

Stephen Hawking's Universe
A terrific site from PBS
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The story behind the invention.

Weiner Heisenberg and the Uncertainty Principle
This site is about Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle. It refers to his political life, personal life and career. It includes pictures and audio clips of Heisenberg speaking about the Uncertainty Principle.

Alfred Binet

John Carroll

Howard Gardner

Charles Spearman

Biographical Profiles of Psychologists A-Z