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VCE History - Australian History


Units 3/4 - Australian History

General Sources for Australian History

Australian History on the Internet
These are useful sites provided by the National Library of Australia for locating documentary sources of information in the field of Australian history.

Australian Historical Studies
Electronic version of the journal, maintained by the University of Melbourne.

Nineteenth Century Exploration of Australia
The site features the reproduction of the 1893 map of explorers' routes from the great naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace's regional study Australasia, plus links to online sources on the explorers involved, and the full-text of Wallace's own treatment of the period of Australian exploration from his book."

WWW Virtual Library - History of Australia

National Archives of Australia

Aboriginal History

Aboriginal Studies - WWW Virtual Library
Government web resources, native title, Aboriginal history, intercultural relations.

Yarra Healing
Site created by the Catholic Education Office - information about the people of the Kulin Nation pre-1830s and in the early years of European 'settlement'.

World History Archive - History of Australian Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders
Retrospective history, contemporary political history and social history of Australian

Testing the new nation

Anzac Commemorative Site
An award winning site designed by the Commonwealth Department of Veteran Affairs, it takes the viewer on a visit to Gallipoli, explains the interpretative panels at the Anzac Commemorative Site and discusses Australian involvement in war.

The Passing of the Defence Act of 1909 (Manuscript Draft Chapter 23)

Documenting a democracy
Tells the story of Australia through the documents which give our national, state and territory governments the right to govern.

Australian War Memorial - Australian military history: An overview

Australia's Federation: Museum Victoria

Imagining Australia: 1914-1918
Museum Victoria

Forging the nation: Federation - The first twenty years. From the AWM

Australia at War

1918 Australians in France - AWM

Gallipoli - Defending Victoria Website

Between the wars
Australia 1930 - An inaugural lecture by R.F.Giblin of the University of Melbourne

Australia at war
Site created by Peter Dunn, with a large number of links

Debating Australia's Future 1960 - 2000

The Menzies Era: Popular culture from 1949 - 1972

Australian involvement in Vietnam

Human rights in Australia

Attitudes to Indigenous Rights

Coexistence: Negotiation and certainty
National Indigenous Working Group on Native Title

National Native Title Tribunal

The Mabo Papers - National Library of Australia

Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation

Genocide in Australia
Colin Tatz. AIATSIS Research paper. Includes images and discussion papers.

White Australia has a black history
Sources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies in the National Library of Australia.

Apology to Australia's indigenous peoples. Kevin Rudd

Documenting a democracy - Immigration Restriction Act

Attitudes to Immigration
Documenting a democracy - Immigration Restriction Act

Our Federation Journey: "A White Australia"
Pdf document, from Museum Victoria

Chinese Immigration to Australia
A personal perspective by K.Fong. A White Australia to a multicultural society 1997

Prisoners of war and internment camps in Australia during WWII

Living in Australia: Department of immigration and citizenship

Immigration and multiculturalism
Lecture notes from the Open University, Victoria