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VCE History - Twentieth Century History


Units 1/2 - Twentieth Century History

General Resources

The Historical Text Archive

History Links

American History Resources Index

La Trobe University History Department

HTAV History Forum

Home Page: American Memory from the Library of Congress

CNN Education Page
Iincludes teaching materials to accompany the Cold War documentary series.

World History Archives

Amnesty International

Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without borders)

SBS World Guide
Gives information on all countries in the world including a history of their social, political and economic development.

Germany 1900 - 1945

World War I: Trenches on the Web

Holocaust: Cybrary of the Holocaust

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Nizkor: A Holocaust Remembrance

The Holocaust in Pictures

Photo Archives Data: Holocaust

A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

Images of My War

History of Modern Germany Lectures
Series of lectures by Professor Gerhard Rempel from Western New England College, covering the period from Medieval Germany to Re-unification.

Library of Congress Country Studies - Germany
Book length information with several chapters dedicated to German history in the 20th Century.

German Propaganda Archives
This site at Calvin College includes speeches and writings of Joseph Goebbels, material from Unser Wille und Weg (a Nazi periodical for propagandists), as well as posters and other propaganda material.

BBC: World War II - Nazi Propaganda
Website maintained by Professor David Welch. Posters and related articles

Wiesenthal Centre: Nazi Propaganda

Nazi Posters 1933-1945
Collection of over 70 posters, each with with annotations

History of Der Stürmer
This is an online version of chapter 3 in Randall Bytwerk's book Julius Streicher: The Man Who Persuaded a Nation to Hate Jews. Learn how the paper started and what it included.

Wendel's Axis History Factbook: Germany and Austria
This site features information about military, political, and police organizations as well as songs, photo gallery, and military equipment.

Third Reich:
Selected and annotated sites from the guide.

China 1900 - 2000

A Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization
Features a timeline with links to information and images on many topics. Includes maps, discussion questions, and bibliographies. From the University of Washington.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook
China's disaster: 1840 - 1949

China since World War II

Chinese cultural studies
Brooklyn College, website created by Paul Halsall
Course notes, websites and references for further reading.

China, technology and change
Lecture notes by Lynda Shaffer, World History Bulletin

China: 50 Years of communism (1999)
BBC special report marking 50 years of communism in China, with news reports, photographs and transcripts of speeches

CNN: China's Communist party - 80 years of power (2001)
Includes analysis on "the question of communism", profiles of major party leaders, in-depth coverage of key events in recent Chinese history, and a timeline.

Visions of China
CNN Special. Analyses China's growing importance in world politics

Virtual Museum of the Cultural Revolution
Documents, interviews, major events, historical figures and personal reflections

People's Republic of China: Cultural Revolution Decade 1966-1976

History of China: University of Maryland
Chronology of important events from Ancient China to 1980s reforms

Chinese Cultural Studies: Concise Political history of China
Compiled from Compton's Living Encyclopedia