Library's Longest Literary Lunch 2010

After the success of the 2008 Library's Longest Literary Lunch, students and staff alike were quick to secure a place when news of another Longest Lunch was announced for the last Wednesday of term one. The lure of a gourmet lunch, the chance to chat about favourite books and the possibility of winning great prizes proved irresistible!

With every guest asked to supply the name of their favourite book, the list was used to produce a commemorative book mark given to each of the one hundred guests. This provided an interesting starting point for plenty of lively discussion over which "favourite book" was more worthy. Classic titles such as The Lord of the Rings, Catch 22, The Plague and Lord of the Flies seemed obvious choices, while more recent titles such as Brisingr, Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief proved the fantasy genre rates just as highly amongst people's top choices.

With tables of six spread around the main floor of the library, the usually quiet and studious location was instantly transformed into something resembling a bustling and fully-booked restaurant! Share platters of hot and cold tasty morsels and eye-catching cupcakes didn't last long as the hungry guests devoured and discussed at the same time. The gastronomic-based team trivia quiz also gave the guests another focus as they pitted their wits against some very tough competition from the "foodies" present.

Three students presented oral reviews of their favourite books to the assembled guests and spot prizes were awarded to those lucky enough to find a gold star under their seats. Another highlight proved to be the charity book auction, with guest auctioneer Ms Cath Garrett showcasing her oratorical skills and inciting a frenzy of bidding, reaching unexpectedly high prices for all items.

With the bell about to ring, the trivia results were tallied and the jubilant winning table of mostly Year 8's were thrilled to receive a book voucher each as reward for their superior efforts.

Once again the Library's Longest Literary Lunch seemed to flash by all too quickly and as guests filed out the door and off to classes, library staff faced the task of the clean-up satisfied that all had enjoyed a luscious literary experience!

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