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Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal art online
An online gallery and sales outlet for Aboriginal art, with information on the nature of aboriginal art and artists, land and cultures, biographies of artists and images of their work. Follow the links on the right of the page for more detailed information on regions and communites, online galleries, print making and painting methods.

Aboriginal art and culture centre
This site is maintained by a Southern Arrernte Australian Aboriginal tribal group, whose homelands are situated 100kms south of Alice Springs in Central Australia. Follow the links to learn about Aboriginal culture, and view the exhibits in the online gallery to find out about traditional and contemporary Aboriginal art and artists.

Aboriginal Australia
Look at the sites leading from "art centres" "culture" and "art gallery".

Aboriginal bark painting
Part of an indigenous multi-arts display at Tandanya, the National Aboriginal Cultural Institute in Adelaide.

Aboriginal Fine Arts Gallery
Paintings by some of Australia's most prominent artists

Albert Namatjira - In the artist's footsteps
Click on the art for a biography, a map of his painting areas, and links to galleries housing his works of art.
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Indigenous Arts Trail - Picture Australia
Follow the "trails" link to "Indigenous Arts" to find selected images of and by indigenous Australians. Lots of great images from libraries and galleries around the country with useful background information about each of the works.

One World Magazine - Australian Aboriginal Art
Offers an introduction to Aboriginal art and a picture exhibition of contemporary traditional art.
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