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The Machine Gunners

History Learning Site

World War Two
Clear and concise site covering numerous aspects of WWII including battles, countries involved, timelines, leaders and casualties. World War II (2008)
General information, detailed maps of campaigns and battle fronts, related links.

Spartacus Educational

Second World War Battles
Useful site for information on major offensives and battles throughout WWII.

Eyewitness to WW II (2004)
Timeline of the major events of WWII with information and primary sources about each event. Focus on Britain, France, Japan and US.

World War II (1993-2008)
Useful outline of the stages of the War in clear, simple language with links to related articles and word definitions within Encarta including multimedia.

World War II Combatants and Casualties
Table of casualty and combatant numbers according to country. Timeline of major battles and fronts for each country under subheadings "Axis" and "Allies".

World War II History Info: World War II Nation by Nation Provides links to each nation with info about their involvement in WWII


BBC History - World War II (August 21, 2008)
Divided into useful sections dealing with the major events in Britain's involvement in World War II. This site includes some primary source material including video and an outline summary of key events in World War II.

Worldwar - (2006)
Casualty numbers, videos and timelines of major events. Home Front 1939-1945
London: The National Archives
Contains clear, basic information explaining the main areas of the Home Front such as the Blackout and evacuation. Useful for impact of war on daily life. The Empire Home Front has information about Australia's Home Front during WWII.


Australia. Department of Veterans' Affairs.
Australia's War 1939-1945
Comprehensive website for Australia's War. The website is well-laid out with sections for each part of WWII that Australians were involved in. It also has a section of the Home Front in Australia. Highly recommended because it is easy to find information and it contains lots of primary source material particularly posters and images.

History Learning Site

World War Two: Australia at War
Clear information on Australia's involvement in WWII with links to various battles, major events and key players.

Australian War Memorial (1997-2008)

Major website for Australian involvement in WWII. Interactive website with games.

History Learning Site

World War Two: Russia
Clear and concise website documenting the course and effect of Russia's involvement in WWII including some testimonials of the impact of the war.

RKKA [Soviet Army] in World War II
This website provides information to the English-speaking community about the role of the Soviet Army (RKKA) in World War II from the Eastern side. Technical material on battles, weaponry, uniforms, maps and photos.


Hitler- focus on propaganda/ news of the time





Jewish Holocaust Centre
Vital resource that can be used by a whole class or an individual for an insight into the effect that WWII had on millions of lives and communities.