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Guide to information about deserts.

California deserts.
Guide to the deserts of California and Nevada. Information about the nature of the region, animals, plants, geology, conservation information and a trip planner.

Desert biomes.
Information on different types of deserts - hot and dry, semi-arid, coastal, cold.

Desert animals

Deserts of the world.
Useful information about the climate and landforms of deserts around the world. Includes maps, charts, photographs, notes and powerpoint presentations on various deserts.

Desert USA.
Contains facts about deserts in USA and includes maps, information about wildlife and plants, as well as recreational activities.

Eco-quest : desert edition
Examine a desert throught the eyes of the people who live there
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Facts about Australia.
Geographic facts about Australia, includes maps, dimensions, information about landforms including deserts.

What's it like where you live? Biomes around the world.
Information on deserts- facts on what a desert is like, types of deserts, deserts of the world, desert plants, desert animals, deserts at night, desert links.

World Climate
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