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Endangered Species

Africat Foundation : information on cheetahs and leopards

Animal information database : all animals

Animal information : on rare, threatened and endangered mammals

Caribbean Conservation Corporation : information on sea turtles

Dolphin Research Centre : dolphins, sea lions and manatees

Environment Australia online (Dept of Environment and Heritage) Biodiversity group. Information on biodiversity, plants and animals, conservation programs and protected areas.

Wolf Wisdom : search wolf biology/behaviour, and wolf wisdom

World Wildlife Fund : search species column, 30 species to be inspected

The International Union for Conservation of Nature
The aim of the IUCN is to convey the urgency and scale of conservation problems to the public and policy makers, and to motivate the global community to work together to reduce species extinctions.

Earth's Endangered Creatures

The Telegraph

Australia's Endangered Animals

Australian Geographic: Australia's Most Endangered Species
Provides links to other useful sites to Australian and global endangered species