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All Shakespeare
A site dedicated to the study of Macbeth. Includes a brief overview, fully searchable text of the play, plot summary, Q&As, plot commentary, character analysis, critical discussion, essays and selected quotes.

Bibliomania: Macbeth Study Guide
From the dedicated team at Bibliomania, a study guide to Macbeth including plot summary, themes, sample questions and suggestions for further reading.

Birnam Wood on the Net
The student's guide to online web resources on Macbeth. Includes images, an interactive zone, classroom activities for the 21st Century, information on the playwright and his time and a lot more. Well worth exploring.

Illustrations from Macbeth
Famous paintings from artists ranging from Blake to Rosetti inspired by the play.

Lynch Multimedia: Macbeth
Shakespeare's famous prose is available in three formats. The first is a modern prose adaptation [adaptation], the second includes audio readings of the entire text [adaptation/audio] and the third is the adaptation side by side with the original text for classroom teaching [classroom version].

Macbeth Plugged
A Thinkquest winning site. Annotated online version created by students.

Mr William Shakespeare and the Internet
A multi-award winning site which attempts to be a complete annotated guide to the scholarly Shakespeare resources available on Internet. Don't be put off by the implied emphasis on scholarly, as this site is far from boring. Do check out the "other sites" which include links to interactive games, spoofs, anagrams, Shakespearean insults and other fun stuff.

Novelguide: Macbeth
From the inaccurately named "Novelguide' site, this is a good analysis of Macbeth, categorized under summary, character profiles, metaphor and theme analysis and quotations.

Spark notes
Critical guide including plot overview, character analysis and themes from the play. Quotations, key facts, quizzes, study questions and essay topics. Written by students and lecturers at Harvard University.

Star Wars Macbeth: Macduff strikes back
Students from Glen Ridge High School created a seventeen minute video for their English class in 1997 and have made it available to the rest of us to view. This is an original contemporary take on Shakespeare, and is sure to engage students.

Surfing with the Bard
An Internet classroom for Shakespeare studies.
Created by Amy Ulen, this site has many useful links for students (and teachers) exploring the works of the Bard. Unfortunately the guide to Macbeth is not yet completed, but there is a lot of other interesting and fun stuff around.

Shakespeare 101: A student guide
From the creator of Surfing with the bard, this guide is divided into 3 sections: reading Shakespeare's plays, viewing the plays and Shakespeare on the web.

An On-line Shakespearean Glossary
A useful tool for you to look up unusual words used in Shakespeare's plays.

To strut and fret upon the stage
Theatrical Interpretation of Sources for Macbeth. A scholarly presentation by Joseph Locket.

Welcome to Macbeth's castle
Tiffany K. Ng takes you into Macbeth's castle, a forbidding edifice haunted by voices and apparitions. A terrific multimedia retelling of Shakespeare's work.