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IQ Test
Test your IQ online, and find out what the IQ score really means, and the history of this test. Also includes methods to improve your IQ.

IQ Test Labs
If you don't want to spend long testing your intelligence, this test only takes minutes

Fun Zone's IQ Tests
A fun collection of tests and quizzes for kids

Mensa Workout
Are you up to the standard of the world's most famous organisation of intellectuals? This is not a Mensa qualifying test, but is nevertheless worth attempting.

Test your E-IQ
This site allows you to test you Emotional Intelligence Quota.

What's your Visual Quotient
Determine how good you are at spotting optical illusions.

Great Ideas in Personality - Intelligence

Theories of Intelligence from

Spearman's two-factor theory of intelligence vs Carroll's Three-Stratum Theory

Role of Intelligence Testing in Society