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The Moon

The Artemis Project
A private venture to establish a permanent self-supporting community on the moon. View the Data Book table of contents to see how this can be considered a viable project.

Clementine Lunar Image Browser 1.5
View an image of the moon, centered on whatever point you indicate by clicking on the image, and select resolutions and images sizes.

European Space Agency - Moon hotel
A Dutch site with pictures of the moon hotel designed by Hans-Jurgen Rombaut.

European Space Agency - Science Missions

Inconstant Moon: multimedia tours of the lunar surface
Explore the features and phenomena of the moon. Take a nightly tour with maps, photos, explanations, animations, and more

Lunar Architetcture
A Dutch site with pictures of the lunar hotel designed by Hans-Jurgen Rombaut.

Lunar Surface Journal
This NASA site contains detailed information about Appollo missions 11-17, with the astronauts' journal entries and lots of photos.

The Moon - as seen from the Northern Hemisphere
Includes telescopic moon photos from new crescent through last quarter, curious facts and illusions about the moon such as the Man and Woman in the Moon, and the Blue Moon
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Moon Fact Sheet
Various data for Moon with accompanying data on Earth for comparison.

MoonWatch - for Moon Enthusiasts
Visit here for the latest lunar updates, news about the moon, find moon trivia, facts, and figures, check out the current phase of the moon, and more.

The Moon- Nine Planets Site
Comprehensive information and images of the moon, with explanations about moon phases, big bang theory, the effect on tides and excellent resources for students and teachers in their research.

The Moon - Space and Astronomy
From's Astronomy guide, some very interesting facts and information about the moon.
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