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Bridge Design

Bridge basics.
What kind of bridge is the best? Includes information on the basic bridge type, fabrication process and putting the bridge into place.

Bridges of the USA.
Images including the Brooklyn and Golden Gate, Washington Crossing and many others. Also contains interesting information on the operation of moveable bridges and the basics of bridge design.

Bridges of the world.
From the Association of Bridge Construction & Design. Links to the Confederation Bridge, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Lions Gate Bridge, Rafsundet Bridge, bridges of Paris and others.

Clifton suspension bridge homepage.
Facts and figures, history of the bridge.

Design failure - Tacoma Narrows Bridge.
Articles explaining how and why the bridge collapsed and lessons to be learned about good design principles.

Great Bridges - facts and photos.
From, links to bridges in Asia, Europe, the USA and a useful list of bridge indexes and archives.