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Breaker Morant (film)

Brief Biography of Harry 'Breaker' Morant.
Brief biography about the real "Breaker Morant" from "Larrikin's Lair", a database of Australian writers and their works, maintained by Perry Middlemiss, a Melbourne based aficionado of Australian literature.

The poetry of Breaker Morant
From Larrikin's Lair, follow the links under Breaker Morant to read some of his poetry.

Film and the law: Breaker Morant
Symposium article by Drew L. Kershen, Oklahoma City University Law Review. This article analyzes the film Breaker Morant, the story of the court-martial of three Australian officers. Professor Kershen discusses the film as a beautiful anti-war statement.

Breaker Morant
Background and film review "Horseman gone by" by Leah Krevit

Breaker Morant - Rotten Tomatoes Reviews
Offers a selection of reviews of the film.

Breaker Morant: hero, scapegoat or rogue?
Flinders Ranges research site. Biographical information on the main characters.

Military stories and anecdotes; the Bushfeldt Carbineers
Background military information on the Boer Wars.

Breaker Morant
Includes questions for analysis.

A new war for a new century
Critical review with some background information.

Breaker Morant
From the Anzac Digger History site. Historical background to the war and biographical information on life and career of Harry Morant.

Breaker Morant
Includes cast and production details, awards and nominations, links to interviews with Bruce Beresford and reviews.

Breaker Morant : Colonial Underdog Versus Imperial Overlord.
Mark Enders, Australian Screen Education 08-20-2002. Accessed via ELibrary
Critical review of the film. Examines the underlying themes of the film and the main characters.

Fighting for truth and justice
Resources Text Talk; Karen Ford
The Age (Melbourne) 04-02-2003.Accessed via Elibrary.
Review for students. "Breaker Morant highlights the ambiguous nature of heroes and the complex morals of war."

Abused by the Motherland: The politics of 'Breaker' Morant
Karen Ford, Australian Screen Education 05-29-2003
Accessed via ELibrary.
"'Breaker' Morant raises serious and pertinent questions about the futility of war: the meaning of loyalty, the importance of mateship and camaraderie and the underlying motives surrounding any military or political conflict."

Flogging two dead horsemen, by Kenneth G. Ross
Insight; Sydney Morning Herald 02-26-2002
Accessed via ELibrary
On the 100th anniversary of Breaker Morant's death, Kenneth G. Ross, who wrote the play that inspired the film, wants finally to get a few facts straight

Morant, hero or murderer?
Resources - Text Talk; Avril Moore
The Age (Melbourne) 03-29-2004. Accessed via Elibrary
"The film about the trial of Australian soldiers for murder during the Boer War has new relevance. Set in South Africa in 1901, during the conflict between the British and the Boers, the film is not only a study of the corruption of the authorities but it also examines the culpability of soldiers who fail to question authority."