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The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution
This Canadian site contains information on: causes, innovations, and impacts of the Industrial Revolution. Although the site was created in 2003 all the links have been maintained, it is easy to read and sources of information have been thoroughly documented.

The Victorian Web: The Industrial Revolution
The Victorian Web is an encyclopaedia of Victorian culture. It includes a comprehensive list of links to bibliographies, images, texts, and other indepth resources about the industrial revolution. All material on this site is reviewed before inclusion.

The Victorian Web: Industrial Revolution Timeline
Major innovations from 1563 - 1908

BBC: The Victorians: Workshop of the World
The industrial revolution promoted the world's first industrial and consumer-oriented society in Britain. This page looks at the forces that made Britain the workshop of the world and explains why this industrial dominance lasted such a short time.

BBC: The Victorians: All Change in the Victorian Age
If you were born in the early nineteenth century by 1900, the world you had grown up in was gone for good. How did enthusiasm for speed transform the Victorians' world? Includes: rural life and change, time efficiency, the railway.

Top Ten Industrial Revolution Inventions
Quick summaries of ten great innovations that would influence the basic goods and services we use today. (From How Stuff Works)

Introduction to the Industrial Revolution
A chapter from Bellarmine College Preparatory's interactive textbook. It includes: effects of the revolution, responses to it and a timeline.